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Sharp lines. Modern Materials. Colour on colour. This is PISIDIA.

At the heart of PISIDIA is the determination to create luxurious, modern fashion accessories. Inspired by the unique properties of silicone, PISIDIA spent years perfecting its use, and were the first to develop silicone that could be sewn. Now patented worldwide, PISIDIA’s silicone is soft to touch, yet remarkably robust and water-resistant, enabling the designers of PISIDIA to create luxuriously durable women’s hand bags and accessories. Each and every PISIDIA piece is meticulously crafted from the highest quality silicone and hardware.

Silicone’s foray into fashion is new and its application, limitless. Its practicality as a material will ensure its longevity. So too, will its abundance and accessibility. As the world’s second most abundant element, after oxygen, silicone provides a sustainable alternative to oil-based plastic materials.